Accelerate your digital transformation with a connected intelligence platform built for the new digital age of oil and gas.

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Created with Microsoft®, Publicis.Sapient is a cloud-based digital transformation platform purpose-built for the future. The platform instantly modernizes your enterprise architecture by accessing the latest technologies, making it easy to rapidly develop and deploy business applications.

Standardizing an energy firm’s move to the cloud, accelerates innovation. You can quickly bring new products to market and adapt to customer demands by building your own or using customizable production-ready applications right on the platform. And leverage best-of-breed technologies like AI, analytics, blockchain and RPA with its PaaS capabilities.


Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Shift from operations to innovation. Firms usually spend 80% of their resources on building and 20% on user requirements. reverses that trend to lower costs, empower employees and engage customers and suppliers.

Built-In Intelligence

Built-In Intelligence

Data silos make it impossible to make sense out of data. The platform’s built-in data lake gives you a common data strategy for more powerful insights and analytics in an increasingly data-driven world.

Improve Agility

Improve Agility

Respond at the speed of industry change. We give you all the tools necessary to rapidly develop and deploy your own applications on multiple devices with ease in a Microsoft Azure enterprise environment.

The Platform

With its flexible, open architecture, was designed to evolve and incorporate new technologies as they become available. Built on top of Microsoft Azure, its elastic infrastructure enables you to be AI-first through machine learning, natural language processing and RPA, and meet transactional requirements through data management, reporting and integration.

The platform comes with out-of-the-box services, such as data ingestion, data transformation, rules engine, workflow, instrumentation, NLP, ML and RPA. Within this core services layer is a common energy domain model that minimizes design activity so users can focus more time on business use cases. Additional functionality addresses basic principles like governance, security and operations.


Conversational UI

No more querying a system or calling a helpdesk. Interactive chatbots provide instant assistance and machine learning-powered business life predictors resolve events before they become issues.

Governance & Security

Business and IT control frameworks around data management and data lineage for complete transparency in a highly regulated environment.

Data & Cognition

Remove data silos with a central data lake, data lake analytics and AI models that sit at the core of the platform so you don’t have to build them.

BizOps & IT Infra Management as a Service

Get real-time transparency into business, IT and the operational health of your enterprise.

Blockchain & RPA as a Service

Access blockchain technology and an out-of-the-box ability to automate any business process.

Developer Workbench

Common services, toolkits and user guides are available to all developers, including the ability to deploy code in sandboxes for building and testing.

Agility is the key ingredient to thrive and react quickly to business and industry changes. Monolithic systems, data silos and margin compression limit the ability to adapt.

Publicis.Sapient eases this burden with the combinatorial of technology concepts like cloud, AI, RPA, blockchain and ubiquitous UI to bring energy firms ahead of the technology curve so they can rapidly develop applications and take new products to market thus accelerating the digital transformation journey.

Arun Karur

Arun Karur

Group VP, Global Lead for Product Solutions & Microsoft Alliance Partner, Publicis.Sapient

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